Saturday, October 1, 2011

On My Radar: Urban Renewal

This fall is all about re-imagining classically boho, relaxed, or otherwise unassuming pieces to give them an edge that's, well, edgier. No one will take you for anything less than commanding when you take one of these reworked pieces to the streets.

Urban Renewal

1. The Beanie. Normally a favorite of ski bums, aujourd-hui style icons like Taylor Swift have made this cozy style instantly chic and a must-have for fall. Pairing it with an attitude-packed cropped t-shirt, tough leather leggings, and sky-high platforms give the beanie a whole new feel.

2. Feather Jewelry. Peacock feathers or graphic colors like black and white make feather jewelry less a bohemian staple and more an updated alternative to chandelier earrings for the street-smart urban girl. Use the peacock variety to add a pop of color to a neutral monochromatic outfit as shown, or match them to an equally punchy top or skirt (just not both...there is such a thing as too much turquoise).

3. The Panama. Seen on the silver screen in Westerns like True Grit and There Will Be Blood, a Panama hat is more sophisticated and versatile than its close relative the cowboy hat, but undeniably rugged and more tomboyish than berets or cloches. Which is why a gray felt variety lends the style incredible conviction and a surprising amount of femininity when paired with a maxi or body-con skirt.

4. The Maxi. Luxe fabrics like chiffon and satin are a fresh take on this floor-dusting boho style. Maybe still not appropriate for the office, but platform stilettos and a cropped tee or sweater make the skirt perfect for a day at the mall or a night out with the girls. Bonus: the maxi need not go into hibernation for the winter - the length hides a pair of cozy leggings.

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