Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Face-off: Drugstore or Dior?

As long as I've been wearing makeup, I've believed in putting money into the cosmetics I put on my face.  For several years, I had an expensive Diorshow mascara addiction - it was the best mascara out there in my mind, and no one was going to tell me different.  But then recently, I went home for the weekend and forgot my mascara.  Without a Sephora close enough to justify making a special trip, I picked up some Rimmel mascara from a Target nearby.  It worked well, but the consistency was a little thin, so I went back to my usual Diorshow when I could.

But then again recently, I attended my grandmother's memorial service.  After the ceremony to scatter her ashes, I quickly realized I was going to need waterproof mascara, so again I stopped at a local drugstore.  This time, I picked up some "One by One" mascara from the Volum' Express line by Maybelline.  And I think the brand has made a mascara convert out of me!  It worked just as well as the Diorshow I've been using for years, for about $20 less.  It both volumizes and lengthens beautifully.  Talk about a steal! 

So...what do you guys think?  Is it necessary to spend a lot of money on mascara, or have you found drugstore brands that work just as well?  As a girl who never leaves the house without putting on mascara, I'd love to hear other opinions.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday's Outfit

I was feeling kinda spunky today so I wore an outfit that I thought reflected that.  Here are a few pictures.  They're not the best resolution and I had to take two since I used my computer to take them, but there you have it.  Enjoy!

Sweater - Urban Outfitters.  Pearl necklaces - belonged to my grandmother.

Skirt - I made it myself.  Knee-highs - Target.  Saddle shoes - Urban Outfitters.   

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspiration From Nature...

I live in Boulder, and all the trees are in full bloom for spring.  This morning while I was walking to class I just had to stop and marvel at the beautiful shades of pink.  I was thinking these colors would make a perfect combination for a dress or top.  Think a silk or chiffon confection with sumptuous ruffles around the neckline, or just a simple satin ombré shift - c'est très chic!

That the beauty of these blossoms is fragile and fleeting makes them even more special.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nancy Spungen: A Hot Messy Inspiration

I've been way into fashion in music lately, especially rock.  I recently gave a presentation to my Music in the Rock Era class on rock stars who are also fashion icons.  In doing research for the presentation, I became really interested in the Sex Pistols.  Part of the fascination comes from punk as a music style and by extension, a lifestyle, being something so foreign to sheltered upper-middle-class teens like myself. 

So I downloaded and watched the movie Sid & Nancy, which I'd been wanting to see for a while.  Quite frankly, I was disappointed by the film overall.  But it turns out the movie is a gold mine of fashion inspiration.  Lately, I've been influenced the whole Debbie Harry-esque look when putting together outfits and designing them.  Sid & Nancy is the perfect point of reference for creating a hard-edged rock vibe.  If you're into that sort of fashion, definitely give the movie a try.  It gave me a great outfit idea for everyday wear or a party:

  1. tight body-con skirt (I have a green one that I love)
  2. one of those lace tops that's really popular right now over a tank top of a contrasting color - rip the lace top if you're really daring
  3. opaque tights for day; fishnets for night
  4. high heels or ankle boots - maybe a kitten heel to keep from looking trashy; ballet flats would also be cute
  5. an edgy necklace - maybe a multi-chain one paired with a long pearl necklace
  6. makeup - either a strong red lip and neutral eye makeup, or a dramatic smokey eye and a neutral lip
  7. hair - Nancy's teased, bleached hair in the movie is a little much.  Curl or flatiron hair; extreme lengths would look good - super-short pixie or long mermaid hair
The other accessories that complete Nancy's look in the movie would probably look too costumey and possibly trashy for everyday wear, like the fingerless gloves, spiked collars, and peroxide-blonde hair.  They would be great for a Halloween party, though. 

It's definitely a look I'm eager to try out!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

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Hello World!

Hello world!

So I created this blog because I love fashion.  I want to be a designer, so I'm always on the lookout for changes and updates in the fashion world.  I want to be able to geek out with people who love it as much as I do!  So here goes.

Even though I just said I'm always paying attention to fashion news, something I'm all about right now is the concept of creating your own style and flaunting it with total conviction, whether you're pulling from current trends or not.  I think that's how famous people become fashion icons - whatever style they create for themselves, they own it completely unapologetically.  Think about it: Audrey Hepburn. Edie Sedgwick. Katharine Hepburn. Debbie Harry. The Rolling Stones. Madonna. Rihanna.  Lady Gaga.  All these stars have totally different styles, but they've all become as famous for their fashion sense as for whatever sort of work they did (and do), and I think it's because they have the attitude to pull it off.  I strongly believe that if you have confidence in yourself, the rest will take care of itself.

So that's sort of a style philosophy I'm into right now.  I've also got a few clothing obsessions right now (which tend to change a lot).  Those oxford shoes that are big for women?  Well, right now I love, love, love saddle shoes.  I bought a pair about a month ago, and I'm obsessed with how retro they are, but so cute with a modern outfit.  They work with basically anything - skinny jeans, miniskirts, regular jeans (which I roll up), whatever - I'm hoping to start adding pictures soon.

Also, I've decided I really want a pair of classic Ray-Ban wayfarers.  I used to turn my nose up at them since it seems like everyone has a pair, but recently I've gotten way into Bob Dylan.  He turned the Ray-Ban wayfarers into classics, and since I've come to love him so much, I don't think I can resist a pair.

I'm going shopping tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get some slouchy off-the-shoulder T-shirts.  I've always liked the effortless sex appeal of them, especially when paired with a curve-hugging bodycon skirt.

Something else I'm really into is DIY beauty.  Home remedies definitely save money and make me feel healthier.  I recently discovered a homemade honey-and-spices face mask that is awesome for healing and preventing acne, and reducing redness.  You can make it with 3 parts honey, and 1 part each of cinnamon and nutmeg.  I've been using it every day for a few weeks now, and my breakout-prone skin is so clear now!  I'm obsessed because I've been dealing with breakouts that aren't horrible, but won't go away, since my early teens.  This mask seriously works better than any store-bought or prescription acne treatment I've ever tried, so I thought I'd share it with everyone!

So, I hope you enjoy my very first post and you can get a sense of what I'm all about!  Until next time.