Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nancy Spungen: A Hot Messy Inspiration

I've been way into fashion in music lately, especially rock.  I recently gave a presentation to my Music in the Rock Era class on rock stars who are also fashion icons.  In doing research for the presentation, I became really interested in the Sex Pistols.  Part of the fascination comes from punk as a music style and by extension, a lifestyle, being something so foreign to sheltered upper-middle-class teens like myself. 

So I downloaded and watched the movie Sid & Nancy, which I'd been wanting to see for a while.  Quite frankly, I was disappointed by the film overall.  But it turns out the movie is a gold mine of fashion inspiration.  Lately, I've been influenced the whole Debbie Harry-esque look when putting together outfits and designing them.  Sid & Nancy is the perfect point of reference for creating a hard-edged rock vibe.  If you're into that sort of fashion, definitely give the movie a try.  It gave me a great outfit idea for everyday wear or a party:

  1. tight body-con skirt (I have a green one that I love)
  2. one of those lace tops that's really popular right now over a tank top of a contrasting color - rip the lace top if you're really daring
  3. opaque tights for day; fishnets for night
  4. high heels or ankle boots - maybe a kitten heel to keep from looking trashy; ballet flats would also be cute
  5. an edgy necklace - maybe a multi-chain one paired with a long pearl necklace
  6. makeup - either a strong red lip and neutral eye makeup, or a dramatic smokey eye and a neutral lip
  7. hair - Nancy's teased, bleached hair in the movie is a little much.  Curl or flatiron hair; extreme lengths would look good - super-short pixie or long mermaid hair
The other accessories that complete Nancy's look in the movie would probably look too costumey and possibly trashy for everyday wear, like the fingerless gloves, spiked collars, and peroxide-blonde hair.  They would be great for a Halloween party, though. 

It's definitely a look I'm eager to try out!

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