Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Face-off: Drugstore or Dior?

As long as I've been wearing makeup, I've believed in putting money into the cosmetics I put on my face.  For several years, I had an expensive Diorshow mascara addiction - it was the best mascara out there in my mind, and no one was going to tell me different.  But then recently, I went home for the weekend and forgot my mascara.  Without a Sephora close enough to justify making a special trip, I picked up some Rimmel mascara from a Target nearby.  It worked well, but the consistency was a little thin, so I went back to my usual Diorshow when I could.

But then again recently, I attended my grandmother's memorial service.  After the ceremony to scatter her ashes, I quickly realized I was going to need waterproof mascara, so again I stopped at a local drugstore.  This time, I picked up some "One by One" mascara from the Volum' Express line by Maybelline.  And I think the brand has made a mascara convert out of me!  It worked just as well as the Diorshow I've been using for years, for about $20 less.  It both volumizes and lengthens beautifully.  Talk about a steal! 

So...what do you guys think?  Is it necessary to spend a lot of money on mascara, or have you found drugstore brands that work just as well?  As a girl who never leaves the house without putting on mascara, I'd love to hear other opinions.

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  1. it's funny you ask because i am obsessed with mascara and long lashes, so here's my answer: Yes the diorshow is AMAZING and i love it too, but I gotta say I'm loving my Maybelline "Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara" - which like yours was a total steal. this is such an amazing one that doesn't clump, and it really lengthens your lashes, you should def. try that one out too! xx