Friday, July 29, 2011

InStyle: Inspirations & Ideas

Hello Hello!

I've been MIA lately and may be for a little while longer - things suddenly got hectic with job hunting, writing, etc.  But I took a little while tonight to flip through the brand-new issue of InStyle: Makeover: and found some inspirations and ideas I'm definitely excited to try out.

1. DIY projects.  The magazine has some really cool ideas for embellishments to add to clothes with little more than glue, a little ribbon, and some lace or feather trim.  In particular, I want to try making the feather-trim necklace that can serve as a collar for a dress and adding lace to a basic t-shirt.  I'll post pics once I actually do this stuff - I'm so excited!

Also, there were some simpler ideas to help transform accessories - putting a brooch on a chain to make a necklace, wearing necklaces as bracelets, and putting clip-on earrings onto flats to dress them up.  I'll try these ideas too!

2. New pieces.  Featured trends for fall I'm tempted by.
-Capes!  A cape would take a lot of guts to pull off, but I love that the silhouette is so different from standard peacoats and parkas.  I think they have a real old-world charm.  This short version from American Apparel would be awesome!

3. Inspirations for outfits.  The issue of InStyle is ripe with ideas for outfits and looks.
-Lately I've been in a slump with my jet-setting attire, settling for leggings, and oversize hoodie, and boots.  Not acceptable!  Luckily, in a set of classic style tips, InStyle helped nail it down: a cashmere wrap, a scarf, jeans, and boots are my new airplane uniform.  Substitute flats for boots in the warmer months, and I'm set.

-The magazine had the idea of buying cashmere sweaters at JCrew in kids' sizes, which are half the price of adult sizes.  I'm a believer in the idea that there is no such thing as too much cashmere, and since I'm so tiny, this idea is genius.

-Alexa Chung: InStyle cited the model/muse/designer as a major fashion inspiration, and her tomboy-chic style is right up my alley.  Some looks of hers I love:

Especially love this one.  She is too cute!
Photos from Google.

-Print mixing.  I've never been way into prints before - I usually prefer solids because I'm so picky - but I've seen some super-cute prints lately and since mixing and matching them has been deemed acceptable for years now, I might be ready to venture into that realm.  More on that another time.

4. New store to check out., a British clothing site.  It's like a quirkier version of Urban Outfitters, with a mix of designers and lower-priced pieces. I'm too exhausted right now to give my full attention to the site, so I'll browse it later and post the pieces that really catch my eye.  

This hasn't been my most attentive post, but I'll hopefully pick back up again within a few days.  Happy Thursday night!  (I guess it's Friday now...)

P.S. Not sure why, but some of the text is showing up really small and I can't get it to change.  Too tired to fix it now. 

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