Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Fashion Buzz: 2.0

I finally have time to devote to my blog now that I'm finished with classes for the rest of the summer.  I found a photographer who is helping me out, so that will be a major part of my blog from now on!  I'm so excited to revamp it and really get it going.

This outfit was inspired by a friend of mine.  She was wearing a similar outfit and riding an old cruiser bike on campus.  She looked incredibly hipster and fresh, but still casual and effortless.  I love sweaters and leggings, and the sneakers my friend was wearing looked so cute that she made me want some, and I've never been a huge sneaker person.  The CU Boulder campus is so gorgeous, I just had have some shots taken on it.  I had so much fun climbing on the staircase!  I wish I had a pink sparkly cruiser bike, but oh well.

Sweater: Anthropologie. Sneakers: Urban Outfitters. Flower: The Icing.

This photograph doesn't showcase the outfit as well, but my new photographer put such a cool effect on it that I had to put it up.
Shout-out to my awesome new photographer Brian Wolf for his awesome camera work!

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