Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On My Radar: Late Summer/Early Fall 2011

On My Radar: Late Summer/Early Fall 2011

 Maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, but autumn is my favorite season other than winter, and I can never wait to shop for new fall clothes.  Whether seen on the streets and envied, already in my closet but I just can't have too many, or a new obsession, these are the top items I can't wait to flaunt for the rest of the summer and into fall.

Urban Outfitters
So versatile and flattering - I can't get enough of the curve-hugging silhouette.  As cute with a cozy, chunky sweater as with a slinky tank top or slouchy t-shirt, it's one of my favorite summer-to-fall transition pieces.

Fall is my favorite season, and cozy oversize knits bring to mind crunching through fallen leaves and the smoky smell that's always in the air.  I have an oversize cable-knit crewneck that I love, but the weight of this one leaves freedom for layering.  Also, the cut wakes up any outfit - skirts, jeans, or leggings.

The perfect accessories for creating a carefree, effortless vibe.  Since it's not my style to go head-to-toe Woodstock, I'll pair feathered earrings, necklaces, and headbands with edgier pieces like skinny jeans, bodycon skirts (another favorite), or pumps.  I think it would create a really cool "West Side bohemian with money" look.

For the reckless dreamer who believes in fairytale endings.  I love accessories like cameo pendants because they can be used to bring a touch of vintage charm to a casual outfit or to complete a vibe of ethereal romance.  Other details I love are ruffles, lace, and soft colors like pink and cream.  I actually have an antique cameo pendant that belonged to my grandmother, and I think it might be real ivory.  I've been meaning to get it re-set in gold and get a long chain for it.

A little softer than tough-girl motorcycle boots, this classic style still lends conviction to any outfit.  They blend as seamlessly with ultra-feminine skirts and dresses as with chunky knits, crisp blazers, and cardigans.  I love using boots to transition my slouchy t-shirts and miniskirts from summer to fall.  I'm especially partial to this style since I used to ride horses, and I love the timeless sophistication of the English riding dress.

Urban Outfitters
A creatively-shaped heel turns the classic shoe into a work of art.  I'm lusting after a velvet pair in a rich jewel tone, but I have yet to find the perfect ones.  But I'll never say no to suede.  A straight chunky heel would be cute, too.  I already have a pair with similarly-shaped heels in patent leather with peep toes, but the last time I checked, there was no such thing as too many pairs of high heels.

Urban Outfitters
Whether topped with a "Don't mess with me" saying like this one, a favorite rocker, or a gritty urban graphic, girlie girls need not apply.  Used to toughen any outfit and send the message that the wearer is unapologetically streetwise.  I love the slouchy cut of this particular tee, and the "ALCOHOL CAFFEINE NICOTINE" saying would be perfect for rough days, but since I don't really smoke or drink, I'm not sure if wearing it would be lame false advertising on my part.  Personally, I would love a shirt with Bob Dylan on it, since he's one of my major artistic influences.  I also love t-shirts and tank tops with softer, artful watercolor prints and the like, but I consider them a separate category.


  1. I LOVE boho accessoires. Great post :)

  2. Why thank you! It took me forever to figure out how I wanted it formatted and everything. I'm rather technolology-handicapped.