Saturday, August 20, 2011

Career-Changing News!

Happy Saturday night, my fellow bloggers!

Once again, I've found myself swamped with other commitments, and so I've been totally scatterbrained.  But tonight, I received some news that could possibly jump-start my fashion career.  Through a connection my mother has, I landed an internship for next summer with Zandra Rhodes in London!  I am so excited for the opportunity to get inside the brain of the woman who is not only one of the connoisseurs of haute punk, but is practically the mother of bold prints and costumes.  Also, Ms. Rhodes basically wants to know from me what I want from the internship - such a unique opportunity!

I better start saving if I'm going to be doing any sort of shopping!  (And it would be a crime not to.)  I should probably start planning too; it's going to take that long...I absolutely cannot wait!  I have wanted to go to London for so long.

That's all for now, but I'll pick back up again tomorrow.

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