Friday, August 12, 2011

Neutrals: Lovely or Lifeless?

Yet another week has slipped through my fingers, what with all my job hunting and deep-cleaning my apartment, but now that I've landed a job (two, in fact!) and my apartment is clean, it's time to get back on track.  I was recently skimming Global Fashion News and other fashion news sites, and in addition to "rediscovered classics" I saw a continuation of the trend of wearing neutral colors that's been going for the past few seasons.

This is a trend that I just can't get fully on board with.  I see the allure of soft pinks and ivories (I have a few pieces in those colors), and I understand the versatility of the color family, but I can't understand the appeal of beiges, taupes, and browns.  To me, trying to match your clothes to your skin color looks dowdy and lifeless.  Fashion magazine after fashion magazine has encouraged choosing shades closest to your skin tone, and I just don't see how that does anything for the wearer.  When I went shoe-shopping recently, I even tried to like a few pairs of flesh-toned ballet flats because of the versatility, and I couldn't.

What does everyone think?  Am I crazy, or are neutral-toned outfits weird to more people than just me?

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