Monday, August 15, 2011

Hidden Gem: Target Hats

I was at Target the other day to pick up a few things  - you know how it goes at Target, you go there with four things on your list and end up with a bill of $100 or more.  I didn't really have anywhere to be that day, so I took some time to peruse my favorite parts of the store, and unexpectedly, found an abundance of adorable hats.  I love hats as accessories, so it's shocking that I walked away without buying one.  I have a cute basic beret from Target that I love, but I didn't realize the store was such a great place to find hats!  What really makes them awesome is that most of the winter hats (my favorite) are wool or mostly wool, which is a big thing because quality is important to me when it comes to accessories.  I know where I'll be doing a lot of my winter accessorizing from now on!  A few of my personal favorites from Target's selection:

I find this one especially interesting because it has the floppy shape of a summer sun hat, but is made of wool to make it a winter hat.  I think it would lend the wearer an unexpected air of mystery.


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